Neither prose nor poetry but a unique fusion of both. The very sounds of which move men to tears and ecstasy. It is a work of inimitable literary beauty and excellence. Unlike other literary works produced by inspired human genius, whose charm and appeal are limited to particular cultures and periods, the language and discourse of the Qur’an and their relevance are universal and everlasting.

Aside from its literary excellence, the Qur’an is divine guidance meant for human enlightenment concerning the most vital questions of deep concern to every human being. It answers questions which lie beyond the physical sensory purview: Where do we come from? Where do we stand? Where do we go from here? It describes itself as a scripture meant for reflection – a book for reflective minds for those who value knowledge for those who exercise their rational faculties and for those who possess reason and perceptive minds.

The Qur’an is a celestial symphony with splendid rhythms and rhymes whose melodious grandeur is rarely captured fully even by the best reciters. At the same time, despite its wonderful aesthetic complexities, the Qur’anic text is astonishingly clear, simple and straightforward in its style. The simplicity comes firstly from the economy of Qur’anic vocabulary and diction together with its strikingly uniform phraseology. The Qur’an uses Arabic language to its maximum potential and summarizes hard to explain concepts in the briefest yet most accurate of forms.

One experiences a hypnotic effect, an intense overwhelming of emotion – even if one cannot understand the language. The opponents and antagonists of Muhammad, who were themselves masters of the Arabic language, believed it was of a supernatural nature. This is why they referred to it as magic which changes peoples hearts and emotions, even though they admitted that Muhammad had no characteristics of a magician.

The miraculous aspect of the Qur’an is that it was spontaneously revealed (over a period of 23 years) and recited in midst of different events within moments of the events happening. Once revealed the verses remain unchanged without any editions or corrections – and will continue to be the direct and original words of the Creator till the end of time.

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