Qur’an guides to the Imams


Regarding the words of Allah (swt): “Surely this Quran guides (yahdi) to that which is most upright (aqwam)” [Surah Al Isra, 17:9], Abu Abdullah (asws) said: The Qur’an guides to the Imam (as) (yahdi illal imaam).

[Al Kafi V 1 – The Book Of Divine Authority CH 26 H 2]

Imam Ali said: We (the Ahlulbayt) are the near ones, companions, treasure holders and doors. Houses are not entered safely except through their doors. Whoever enters them from other than the door is called a thief. The delicacies of the Qur’an are about them (i.e. the Ahlulbayt) and they are the treasurers of Allah (swt). When they speak they speak the truth, but when they keep quiet no one can speak unless they speak.

[Wasail us Shia H 33411; Nahjul Balagha]

Regarding the Words of Allah (swt): “And most surely it is a reminder (zikr) for you and your people, and you shall soon be questioned – 44:44″, Abu Abdullah (as) said: Al Zikr is the Quran, and we (asws) are its people. And we (as) should be asked.

[Wasail us Shia, H 33204]


The purpose of the Qur’an is to guide us to the Ahlulbayt (as). Even the verse which we read every day in Surah Hamd – “Guide us to the Straight Path (1:6)”, there are many hadith where the Imams (as) have explained it as the the path of Muhammad (s) and his Progeny (as).