Momin forgiven only if shirk-free


Amir-Al-Momineen Ali (as) said: The Momin, whichever state he dies upon, and in whichever day he dies, or hour which he passes away in, so he is a truthful martyr. And I (as) have heard my (as) beloved Rasool-Allah (s) saying: Even if the Momin exits from the world and there are sins the like of the sins of the people of the earth, his death would be an expiation for those sins.

Then he (s) said: The one who says, There is no god except for Allah (swt) with sincerity, so he would be free from the association (shirk) and the one who exits from the world without having associated anything with Allah (swt), would enter the Paradise. Then he (s) recited the Verse: “Allah does not Forgive if He is associated with (shirk), and He Forgives whatever is besides that to the one He so Desires to [4:48]”, from those that love you (as) and your (as) Shias, O Ali (as)!

Amir-Al-Momineen (as) said: So I (as) said: O Rasool-Allah (s)! This is for my (as) Shias (only)? Rasool Allah (s) said: Yes, by my (s) Lord (swt), it is for your (as) Shias (only). And they would be coming out from their graves on the Day of Judgement and they would be saying, There is no god except for Allah (swt), Muhammad (s) is His (swt) Rasool (s), Ali (as) Bin Abu Talib (as) is the Divine Authority of Allah (swt).

Then they would be Given green robes from the Paradise, and garlands from the Paradise, and crowns from the Paradise, and rides from the Paradise. So each one of them would be wearing a green robe, and a crown of kings would be placed upon his head, and the garlands of prestige. Then they would be riding the rides and fly with them to the Paradise The great terror shall not grieve them, and the Angels shall meet them: “This is your Day which you were Promised” [21:103]

[Man la yahdharul faqih, 4:295/892]


The shirk of worship (ibaadat) is easy to perceive but the shirk of obedience (itaa’at) is not. Bani Ummaya involved the people in this second type of shirk. Any one who blindly obeys fatwas without asking for proof from hadith is in danger of this second type of shirk. La ilaaha illallah also means that one should take religion only from those who are divinely appointed by Allah.