Specification of the rescued sect


Division of the community into seventy three sects:

Imam Ali (as) said: The community will be divided into seventy three sects, seventy two sects will be in the fire and one sect will be in paradise. Thirteen of the seventy-three sects will claim to love us (as) the People (as) of the Household , one of these will be in the paradise and twelve will be in the fire.

Specifications of the rescued sect:

Imam Ali (as) continues: And as for the rescued sect, it is the guided, the hopeful, and the submissive in accordance with the (divine) guide (as). This sect is the trusted one to obey the orders that I (as) issue , and it keeps away from my (as) enemies, and loves me (as), and harbors hatred towards my (as) enemies. It has recognized my (as) rights, and my (as) Imamate, and the obligation to obey me (as) from the Book of Allah (azwj) and the Sunnah of His (azwj) Prophet (saww), and has not turned apostate nor does it have any doubts, for Allah (azwj) has enlightened its hearts by the recognition of our (as) rights, and have understood its merits, and inspired it and taken it by its corners and entered it into the hearts of our (as) Shiites until they achieved reassurance in their hearts and had firm conviction, not mixed with doubt.

[Source: Kitab-e-Sulaym – one of the earliest book of hadith compiled during the lives of the first 5 imams]


The rescued sect will be the one who is obedient to the the Ahlulbayt (as) not the one who simply claim to love them (as) but don’t bother to learn their (as) teachings. How can one be obedient to the Ahlulbayt (as) without knowing their (as) commands and prohibitions? Without knowing their (as) likes and dislikes? Without being able to distinguish their (as) friends from their (as) enemies?