Security of the Haram (Sanctuary)


I asked Abu Abdullah (as) about the Words of Allah (swt) “and the one who enters it would be secure [3:97]”.

He (as) said: You have asked me about something which no one has asked me except one whom Allah (swt) so desires to. The one who is inside this bayt (house), and he knows that it is the bayt (house) which Allah (swt) has commanded for it, and recognises us (as), the Ahlulbayt (as) as is our (as) right to be recognised, would be secure in the world and in the Hereafter.

[Al Kafi 4: 1/226]

In another hadith, Abu Abdullah (as) said regarding these same verse of the Holy Quran: It is regarding our (as) Qaim of the Ahlulbayt (qaim na ahlul bayt). So the one who pledges his allegiance to him (as), and enters with him (as), and wipes (masah) upon his (as) hand, and enters in the oath (aqd) of his (as) companions, would be secure.

[Ilal us Sharai, 5/91]

In another hadith, someone asked Abu Abdulaah regarding this same verse: “In clear signs, the standing place of Ibrahim; and the one who enters it would be secure [3:97]”, and (although) there enter into it the Murjiites and the Harouriyya and the Atheists (zindiq) who do not believe in Allah (swt)?

He (as) said: No, and there is no prestige for them (la karaamat). The one who enters it and he recognises our (as) rights just as they should be recognized (kama huwa aarif lahu), comes out from his sins, and would suffice for them the world and the Hereafter.

[Tafsir Ayyashi, 1:107/190]