Two deaths for a Momin


Abu Jafar (as) said: There is none from a Momin except that there would be for him a killing (martyrdom) and a (natural) death. The one who gets killed (martyred) would be resurrected until he dies (a natural death) and the one who dies (a natural) would be resurrected until he is killed (martyred).

Then Abu Jafar (as) recited this verse: “Every nafs (self) shall taste death.” [3:185]. Then he (as) added: “And would be Raised”. I asked: What do you (as) mean by the (additional) words “And would be Raised”? The Imam (as) said: This is how Jibraeel (as) descended (the verse) upon Muhammad (s): “Every nafs shall taste death and would be raised [3:185].

Then he (as) said: And there is no one in this community, righteous or immoral, except that he would be raised. So as for Momineen, they would be raised to the delight of their eyes. And as for the immoral, they would be raised with the disgrace ofAllah (swt) on them. Did you not hear Allah (swt) say: “And We will make them taste of the lower punishment before the greater punishment”. [32:21]

[Basair ul darajat, 17]