Government is only for Qaim (as)


(It has been narrated) from Abu Abdullah (as) regarding the words of Allah (swt): “We Alternate these days between the people.” [3:140]. He (as) said: There has not ceased to be, since the creation of Adam (as), the Government of Allah (swt) and the Government of Iblees (la). So where is the Government of Allah (swt)? Except that it is with Al-Qaim (ajfj) alone.

[Tafsir Ayyashi 145/199]

Abu Abdullah (as) said: Allah (swt) made two governments for the religion. The Government of Adam (as) and the Government of Iblees (la). The Government of Adam (as) is the Government of Allah (swt) Mighty and Majestic. So if Allah (swt) intends to be worshipped publicly, He (swt) makes apparent the government of Adam (as), and if He (swt) intends that He (swt) should be worshipped in secret, it would be the government of Iblees (la). And the one who publicizes that which Allah (swt) has intended to be a secret, is a renegade from the religion.

[Al Kafi V 8 – H 14601]