Fatwas mixed with personal opinion

Regarding the verse from Holy Quran: “And who is more erring than he who follows his low desires without any guidance from Allah?” (Holy Quran 28:50), Abu Abdullah (as) said “It means the one who takes his religion by his own opinion without the guidance from the guiding Imams (as)”. [Source: Basair Ul Darajat Chapter 8]

The above hadith is further proof of the falsehood of the ijtihad, marja and taqlid system. A discerning mind should be able to see through this web of deception; unless Allah (swt) has placed a curtain over it. If ijtihad of the mujtahid was based purely on hadith (and thus guidance of the Imams), then the end result/product would be a presentation of hadith and not a book of personal “fatwas”. He would produce a collection of hadith not a “tawdhi-ul-masaail” which boasts on the cover: “The fatawas according to the opinion of such and such..”.

Abu Jafar (as) said: “He who follows a religion not coming from a truthful source Allah will let him get misguided until the Judgement day.” [Source: Basair Ul Darajat Chapter 8]

The mujtahid mixes truth and falsehood in such a way that the lies are not discernible. What is the source of the fatwas of the mujtahid? For questions where he does not find hadith or when the hadith does not align with his interests what does he do? He relies on two other dubious sources “his own aql” and the “ijma (and thus the aql) of other scholars”.

When someone questioned Abu Abdullah (as) about the statement of Allah (swt) “Then whoever follows my guidance, he shall not go astray nor be unhappy”. Imam (as) said: “The one who speaks by the Imams (as) and follows their (as) orders and not (the orders of) those whose obedience is not permissible”. [Source: Basair Ul Darajat Chapter 8]

The people are being subjugated to become Shia of the mujtahids and obey them (through acting on their fatwas) without questioning. Do the mujtahids speak by the Imams (as) and follow their orders? If they were following the orders of the Imams (as) they would have abandoned the practice ijtihad itself in the first place and bound themselves tightly to the hadith.

In reality, the true source of any fatwa can only be Allah (swt) who conveys it to the divine guides (as) who then communicate it to us through the medium of hadith. Anyone who issues his own fatwa is following his low desires. He has violated the limits set by Allah (swt) who is the only original source of shariah.

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